Christer Holloman


CEO and co-founder of the award-winning consumer finance platform Divido. Prior to starting Divido Mr. Holloman launched in EMEA which subsequently got acquired for $1.2bn USD.

Before this, he helped traditional media companies like The Times and the Daily Mail in the UK and Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the US, to transition old business models to monetise new digital channels for recruitment, property and content.

Author of Amazon bestseller 'The Social Media MBA' series published by Wiley in multiple languages and more recently 'How to Sell Online' published by Pearson, the world's largest publisher of academic literature. Mr Holloman holds an MBA from the University of Oxford.


BMW partners with Divido

Divido is today available through over 1,000 partners that are offering B2C and B2B finance to their customers at the checkout.

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Speaker Showreel

Frequently invited to discuss the business impact of future technologies with audiences ranging from business students to C-level executives. Recent clients include brands such as VISA, Microsoft and Ogilvy.

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Book Trailer

Author of the Amazon bestseller The Social Media MBA, the sequel was also made Book of the Month by the CIM. In addition I write tech trend features for

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Oxford University, UK
Saïd Business School & Jesus College

Sep ’15

BSc Business and Economics

Umeå University, Sweden

May ’04

CBRN Warfare Specialist

The Swedish Armed Forces, I20/Fo61

Sep ’01


Financial Conduct Authority - CF1 Director

Dec ’14

Financial Conduct Authority - CF11 Money Laundering Reporting

Nov ’16


CEO and Co-Founder

The world’s largest platform for consumer finance

Apr ’14 – Present


Including The eMoov Group, Airsorted, No Agent, Hiyacar.

Apr ’18 – Present

Business Development Director, EMEA
First hire outside the US, set up the regional sales and marketing organisation.

Oct ’12 – Mar ’14

Head of Digital Product Development

The Times and The Sunday Times
Strategic ownership of all digital channels; roadmaps and budgets.

Oct ’11 – Sep ’12

Head of Commercial Product Development

Daily Mail and General Trust
Strategic ownership of deploying new digital revenue streams.

Jan ’10 – Dec ’10

Head of Product, EMEA
Localised and rolled out new products across 12 countries.

Jan ’07 - Dec ’09

Business Development Manager

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK
Advised Swedish companies expanding to the UK.

Jun ’04 – May ’05


Swedish & English

Native or bilingual proficiency.


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